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    Velcro XL Pistol Holster

     In Stock, Ships Same Business Day

    +Product Overview

    This X-Large Pistol Holster will fit most handgun/pistol sizes. The entire back has velcro to easily attach the holster to the inside of your safes carpeted door or another place with carpeted material. The holster comes with a spandex magazine attachment that will stretch to fit most pistol magazine sizes. This allows you to keep your magazine with your handgun.

    +Specs & Features
    • 3x’s the Velcro as All Competitors
    • Fits Any Handgun Size
    • Double Padding & Double Stitching
    • Spandex Magazine Attachment
    • Stretches to Fit Any Magazine
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Complete Customization

    You have full customization with these holsters that come with a full velcro back. Simply place or remove these holsters on a carpeted material and reconfigure an endless amount of times.

    Magazine Attachment

    Keep your handgun/pistol magazine with your handgun using the sewn-in spandex magazine attachment that stretches to fit any magazine size.

    Full Description

    Are you worried that when you place your handgun in a smaller pistol holster, you'll come back finding your handgun banged up on the floor of your gun safe?

    With 3 times (3x) the Velcro as any other Pistol Holster on the market, this heavy duty handgun holder is guaranteed to keep your biggest and baddest handguns stuck to nearly any carpeting you want to stick it to.

    Double Padding and Double Stitching mean this thing is built to last forever which is why Stealth backs it up with a Lifetime Warranty.

    The Stealth Pistol Holster contains 3 times the velcro area than its competitors.

    And now we get to the best part! Have you ever noticed that you put your handguns on the wall of your gun safe but somehow your magazines get all jumbled up on your shelf? Imagine being able to have your magazine attached to the holster your gun is already in, ready to grab and go at a moment's notice. You'll never have to search through that jumbled mess again.

    Sewn on to the Pistol Holster is a spandex side magazine attachment that will stretch to fit any size magazine. This will allow you to keep your magazines organized and efficiently stored.

    Clean up and organize your gun safe with the Stealth Velcro Heavy Duty Pistol Holster!

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