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Combining Made in USA quality with advanced security features, the Stealth Floor Safe series is the absolute best value for your money. With a 1/2" steel plate door, 12 gauge steel body, three 1" steel bolts, internal hinge, UL Rated Mechanical or Electronic Lock, Rockwell Hardplate and internal relocker, these safes are made with the best quality materials. They are also backed by a 2 year parts and labor warranty with a 5 year warranty on the hinges and welds. Some additional features include a chrome handle, bolt detent system, and door piston that helps lift the heavy door up after the combination is entered.


THE DESIGN: A floor safe sits flush with the level of the floor. Stealth's included cover plate fits over the top of the floor safe, which will protect the lock and handle (because the door is recessed down a couple of inches). Now, to really offer concealment, that steel "cover plate" can be covered with the same carpet or floor covering of the room it is in, virtually making it invisible. A burglar can walk right over the top of it and not know it is even there! What if you wanted to put your floor safe in your garage? Just put a drip pan over the safe (with the cover plate) and park your car on it.

FIRE PROTECTION: Since all floor safes are installed in the ground and then surrounded by concrete, fire protection just doesn't get any better. Concrete is the best when it comes to fire protection. Heat (and flames) rise, so a safe installed in the ground surrounded by concrete is definitely going to be fire protected. However, it has to be properly installed in order to protect your valuables in the case of a fire. Note, by correctly installed, the safe has to be completely surrounded on all sides and bottom by at least three inches of concrete.

INSTALLATION: A correctly installed floor safe has at least three inches of concrete on all sides and underneath. Since the door is the only part of the safe exposed to attack, it should be made of steel and well built. These Stealth floor safes can either be installed with a mechanical dial lock or an electronic lock with 6-digit code. Both mechanical and electronic lock options will be protected by hardened steel plate and relocking device. 

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