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Best College Dorm Safe 5.0 | Prevents Phone, Laptop, Tablet and Medication Theft

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Ext Dimensions 20"H x 7"W x 14"D
(Add 2” to D for Keypad)
Int Dimensions 18 ½"H x 6 ½"W x 12"D
Weight 35 lbs

  • No Longer worry about your roommate stealing your valuables while your away you’re your room!

    New and Improved, the Stealth Best College Dorm Safe has reached the level of perfection in protecting what's most important to a college student. If you're going off to college, you're likely headed there with a fair amount of expensive equipment: a laptop, smartphone, tablet, maybe even a video camera. These items are not cheap, and you definitely don't want to trust it to a cheap dorm safe.

    That's why Stealth made the Best College Dorm Safe, it's the highest quality dorm safe made from real steel with a real electronic lock, custom designed specifically for Dormitory Rooms. This is the only safe with a vertical design, perfectly set up for places where space is limited. It can slide under your desk right next to your desktop computer or conveniently in your closet. It's large enough to fit up to an 18" laptop and has 3 rubberized shelves perfect for storing your cellphone, watches or wallet without getting any scratches.

    Located in the back corners of the safe are two access holes large enough to fit a power cord through enabling you to charge your electronics while they are locked inside. You can sleep safe knowing your phone, laptop and tablet won't be tampered with and they'll be fully charged when you wake up.

    New and Improved for the version 5.0 is the addition of a UL Approved NL Electronic Lock. This lock is now considered the most reliable electronic lock in the Safe industry with 99.99% reliability. Having a safe is important, but being able to access the safe is even more important. With the best college dorm safe, you'll always be able to retrieve your notes and computer when you need it most.

    At the bottom of the safe are 4 pre-drilled mounting holes so you have the ability to bolt the safe down and Stealth also includes a free security cable as some universities prohibit mounting anything to their dorm rooms. Just wrap the cable around any fixed object such as your bed frame or desk and use the hook to attach both ends to the inside of the safe.

    Stealth believes in and stands behind the Best College Dorm Safe by offering a 1 year warranty.

    College is a whirlwind and dorms are crowded. Save yourself the regret and the expense of replacing smartphones and laptops. Protect yourself with the Best College Dorm Safe.

  •  PDF Lock Instructions


    STEP 1: Installing a Battery

    Use a brand new Duracell Coppertop 9-Volt Battery expiring at least 5 years in the future.

    WHY THIS BATTERYBecause this battery has the highest amperage output that is needed to operate the safe lock and open the door of the safe.

    • The battery compartment is located on the bottom side of the keypad
    • Simply slide open the compartment door and pull out the battery connector
    • Hook up a Duracell Coppertop 9-Volt battery to the battery connector with the + and - lined up
    • Push the connected battery back up into the compartment & slide the door shut

    STEP 2: Changing the Default Code to your own Personal 6-Digit Code

    NOTE:The following instructions are for changing the combination for the first time from the set default combination (1-2-3-4-5-6).Before you start this process make sure you know the 6-digit code you will set your safe to so the lock doesn't time out while you are setting your code.

    • Enter default code to unlock the safe: 1-2-3-4-5-6
    • Open the door and extend the bolts
    • Press and HOLD [0] on keypad until double beep. (LED light will remain on during next steps)
    • Enter DEFAULT code: 1-2-3-4-5-6 [double beep]
    • Enter NEW personalized 6-digit code [double beep]
    • Re-Enter NEW personalized 6-digit code [double beep]
    • Your new code has been successfully set

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you test your new code several times with the door open before closing the safe to ensure your new code was set properly.

    Replacing an Existing 6-Digit User Code:

    • Enter existing 6-digit user code to unlock the safe
    • Open the door and extend the bolts
    • Press and HOLD [0] on keypad until double beep. (LED light will remain on during next steps)
    • Enter existing 6-digit user code
    • Enter NEW 6-digit user code [double beep]
    • Re-Enter NEW 6-digit user code [double beep]
    • Your new code has been successfully set

    IMPORTANT: Test new code several times before closing the door


    • LOW BATTERY: A series of beeps indicate that the battery is weak and must be replaced.
    • LOCKOUT MODE: If the wrong code is entered 4 times in a row, the lock will go into lockout mode - where it will constantly beep and flash for 5 minutes. Simply wait 5 minutes until the beeping/flashing stop and try again.NOTE: Removing the battery will only pause this 5 minute timer. The battery must be connect the whole 5 minutes.

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