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Stealth LED 36" Light Kit with Motion Sensor

Model: STL LED Light Kit 36"

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+Product Overview

This Brand New LED 36" Light Kit comes with a built in motion sensor so you can see all contents of your safe. The kit comes included with (2) LED Light Strips, a 6-foot connecting cable, power adapter and all mounting screws & clips.

+Specs & Features
  • Includes (2) 36" LED Light Strips
  • Built in motion sensor
    • Lights Turn on When Motion is Detected / When you Open the Safe
    • Lights Turn off After 30 Seconds of No Motion
  • Power Adapter Included
  • 6 Foot Connecting Cable (to have light on both sides of interior)
  • All Mounting Screws & Adhesives Included

Full Description

The Brand New Light Kit will illuminate the contents of your safe so you can easily find what you need in a hurry.

This Brand New LED 36" Light Kit is a must have accessory in your safe! With two included light strips, there will be ample light to see all the hidden areas of your safe.

The Stealth 36" LED Light Kit comes with two included light strips to place on the left and right front interior sides. A 6-foot connecting cable is included to connect the two light strips. A power adapter is also included to plug in the light kit into the electrical outlet inside the safe. NOTE: If your safe does not have an electrical outlet inside, we offers a solution to that. The Stealth Electrical Power Outlet Kit can be purchased and easily installed inside any safe that doesn't already come with a power outlet. Shop Here

A necessary feature on this accessory is the motion sensor built into the light strip. The sensor will catch any movement, like the door of the safe opening, and turn on the lights. The lights will turn themselves off after 30 seconds of no motion detected. 

Once installed correctly, this Stealth 36" LED Light Kit will hide behind the inner door frame and all cables can be tucked out of sight. All installation screws, cable hooks and Velcro pieces are included with detailed instructions

This LED Light Kit is ETL certified to add ample light inside your safe!

Where to Purchase

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What's Included

Included with the Stealth 36" LED Light Kit is:

Light Strips w/ Motion Sensor- Two 36" LED Light Strips

6' Connecting Cable- to connect the two light strips

Power Adapter - to plug the lights into an interior outlet

Installation Hardware- All screws, cable hooks & instructions Included