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Essential 23 Gun Safe EGS23

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+Product Overview

The EGS23 Essential Gun Safe offers all the necessary security features to safely store your guns at the lowest possible price. Securely store up to 23 long guns with top-of-the-line features such as interior power and door panel. The Stealth EGS series comes with a 30-minute fire rating and lifetime warranty vs theft and fire.

External Dimensions 59"H x 24"W x 18"D
(Add 3” to D for Handle)
Internal Dimensions 56.5"H x 22"W x 12.5"D
Weight 293 lbs
+Security Features
  • California DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device
  • 30 Minute Fire Rating at 1200º F
    • Heat Expandable Door Seal for Extra Fire Protection
  • 14 Gauge Steel Door & Body
  • 8 Solid Steel Locking Bolts 1” in Diameter
    • 2-Way Locking Bolt System
    • 4 Active Bolts & 4 Deadbolts
  • UL Approved High Security Electronic Lock
    • Protected by Hard Plate & Internal Re-Locker
    • Mechanical Dial Lock Upgrade Available
  • 4 Pre-Drilled Bolt Down Holes to Secure Safe Down
+Extra Features
  • Molle Door Panel Organizer
    • 4 Pistol Holsters, 1 Triple Magazine Pouch & 1 Large Zippered Pocket
    • All Accessories are Removable & Adjustable to Anywhere on the Door Panel
  • Gray Fabric Interior
    • Adjustable Dual Gun Rack
    • 1 Adjustable Top Shelf
    • 2 Adjustable Side Shelves
  • Pre-Installed Electrical Power Outlet
    • 3 Outlet Plug-Ins & 2 USB Slots
  • Extremely Durable Armored Black Paint
  • Black 3-Spoke Handle
  • Lifetime Burglary & Fire Warranty
    • Covers Break-In, Attempted Break-In & House Fire
  • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

What Does a 30 Min Fire Rating Mean?

This safe was tested at 1200º F for 30 minutes straight with the internal temperature never passing 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The safe has fire protective material built into the door & body, PLUS a intumescent door seal that will expand to multiple times during a fire to protect smoke and water from entering the safe.

It is important to note that a house fire typically burns for about 20 minutes at approx. 1100-1200º F. Paper & documents will burn at approx. 450º F.

About the Lock

UL Listed Electronic Lock

The NL UR-2020 Electronic Lock is an extremely reliable lock that is assembled and tested in the USA. The lock is drill and punch resistant due to its added layers of security just on the lock.


✓ UL Listed Electronic Device

✓ Customizable 6-Digit Code

✓ External Battery Compartment

✓ Low Battery Indicator

✓ Combination Memory (code stays set even if battery is changed)

✓ 1/4" Thick Steel Hardplate (protects against drill attacks)

✓ Internal Relocker (protects against punch attacks)

✓ Assembled & Tested in the USA

✓ Mechanical Dial Combination Lock Available

UL® Listed Lock
Underwriters Laboratories Tested
External Battery Access
Access/Change Battery from Outside
Red Light on Keypad
Easily Input Code Even in the Dark
Relocker & Hardplate
Protects Against Drill & Punch Attacks

About the Door Panel

Molle Door Panel Organizer

This completely customizable Molle Door Organizer is an extremely unique feature to the Stealth Gun Safes that sets it apart from other safes in the industry. Easily move around the accessories to best fit your needs.

✓ Molle Webbing

✓ Easy-to-Use Strap & Snap System

✓ Completely Customizable


✓ Four XL Pistol Holsters

✓ One Triple Magazine Pouch

✓ One Large Zippered Pocket

Four XL Pistol Holsters
With Spandex Magazine Attachment
Triple Magazine Pouch
Store Knives, Long Gun Magazines, etc.
Large Storage Pocket
Zippered Pouch for Documents & More

Interior Features

Interior Shelving & Gun Rack

The entire interior is lined with gray carpet to protect your valuables from receiving scratches while stored inside. All shelves can be adjusted or removed to best fit your needs.

✓ One Top Shelf (Adjustable/Removable)

✓ Dual Gun Rack (23 Gun Slots for Long Guns)

✓ Two Smaller Side Shelves (Adjustable/Removable)

✓ Gray Carpeted Interior (to prevent scratching)

One Top Storage Shelf
Adjustable or Removable
Dual Gun Rack
23 Gun Slots for Long Guns
Two Side Shelves
Adjustable or Removable

Pre-Installed Electrical Outlet

An electrical outlet is already installed in the inside of the safe and is equipped with 3 plugins and 2 USB slots for charging electronics or plugging in a dehumidifier, lights, etc.

✓ 3 Outlet Plugins

✓ 2 USB Slots

✓ Pre-Installed

✓ Plug for Wall Included

Additional Features

Armored Black Paint
Extremely Durable Unique Finish
Black 3-Spoke Handle
Easy-to-Use Sleek Black Handle
External Steel Hinges
Allows Full 180º Door Opening
Four Bolt Down Holes
Hardware Included to Secure Safe Down

Product Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This safe comes with a Lifetime Burglary & Fire Warranty that covers:

✓ Break-In

✓ Attempted Break-In

✓ House Fire

+2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty on the Lock and All Components

Full Product Description

Designed for those on a budget, the Stealth Essential Gun Safe provides quality security features at the lowest price possible!

Not everyone wants a top of the line gun safe for thousands of dollars. Some of us just want a quality safe at the lowest price possible. This is exactly where the Stealth Essential Gun Safes fit in.

CA DOJ Approved and made with a 14 gauge steel body and door, the Stealth EGS23 will do a great job of keeping your firearms locked up and secure. Keeping the door in place are 8 solid steel chrome-plated 1" locking bolts, with four being active and four deadbolts on the hinge side. The door opens on two external pin hinges after the correct combination is entered into the UL Approved NL Universal Lock UR-2020 High Security Electronic Lock. This lock is the most reliable lock in the industry and is assembled and tested in the USA. The lock is also protected by a hard plate and an internal re-locker that will keep the bolts locked if a thief were to attempt a punch or drill attack.

In addition to the security, the Stealth Essential Gun Safe EGS23 is fire resistant for 30 minutes at 1200°. Stealth also adds an intumescent door seal that expands to multiple times its size during a fire to prevent smoke from entering the safe keeping your contents safe and secure inside.

An additional feature that makes the Stealth Essential Gun Safe better than the competition is the customizable Molle interior door organizer that helps free up additional space in the safe. This system is far better than sewn-in pockets as it allows for full customization. Want your pistol holsters at the bottom of the organizer? No problem. Want them lined up on the right side? No problem. Want to get rid of all the included accessories and use your own? Again, no problem! You can add and remove accessories as you need with the convenient strap and snap system.

The Stealth Essential Gun Safe EGS23 also includes an electrical outlet kit with 3 outlets and 2 USB slots so that you can charge your electronics inside the safe.

These safes are styled with a black 3-spoke handle and Stealth's unique, extremely durable Armored Black Finish. Four bolt down holes and mounting hardware is included to secure the safe to the floor.

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