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    Stealth DS1614 Drop Safe Mini Depository Vault

    +Product Overview

    The DS1614 is a mini drop safe that is the perfect size to secure your cash or other small valuables. With anti-fish baffles, cash can be dropped into the safe using the slot and will be protected from being stolen or 'fished' out.

    External Dimensions 16"H x 14"W x 14"D
    (Add 2" to D for Handle)
    Internal Dimensions 7 ¼"H x 11”W x 13 ½"D
    Door Opening 7 ¼"H x 11”W
    Drop Safe Hopper 3 ½"H x 11 ½"W x 6"D
    Weight 44 lbs
    +Security Features
    • ¼” Solid Steel Plate Door
      • 2 3/8” Total Door Thickness
    • Full Steel Body
      • Pry-Resistant
      • Laser Cut with Minimal Gaps around Door & Hopper
    • Two 1” Solid Steel Deadbolts
    • UL Approved High Security Electronic Lock
      • NL UR-2020 Type 1 Electronic Lock
      • Protected by Hard Plate & Internal Re-Locker
    • 2 Bolt Down Holes & Hardware Included
    • Extreme Pry Resistance
    • All Steel Internal Hinge
    +Extra Features
    • Front Load Deposit Door
      • Protected by Jagged Teeth “Anti-Fish Baffles”
      • All Steel Construction with no exposed cutting points
    • Fabric Floor Padding
    • Chrome Wheel Turn Handle
    • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

    A little about drop safes: Depository ‘drop’ safes, or known as deposit safes, are essential to any business. Drop safes are the ideal way to keep a petty thief away from your cash reserves or private information before you have the chance to take it to the bank. These safes need to be bolted down to prevent the valuables stored inside from being carried off. Another use for drop safes, is keeping cash, checks, etc. from being stolen by other employees. Every business owner’s nightmare is when it comes time to take your cash to the bank and its $100 short for the third time in a row. Unfortunately, employee theft and shrinkage are real problems businesses are seeing and are a fact of life – don’t let yourself become a victim of harsh reality.

    The Stealth DS1614 Depository Safe is an affordable option to secure cash, receipts, checks and other items of values for gas stations, restaurants, hotels/motels or any retail business.

    The DS1614 comes with a ¼” thick solid steel plate door with a 2 3/8” total door thickness. The door is secured shut with 2 total 1” thick solid steel locking bolts. This mini drop safe by Stealth offers excellent pry resistance. The internal hinge and laser cut door offers no exposed cutting points.

    On the back of the hopper of the Stealth drop safe DS1614 are jagged teeth, anti-fish baffles which act as hooks making a fishing attack near impossible - where a thief will take a fishing line with a hook and attempt to pull out the cash through the top door. The deposit door comes with an attractive chrome handle and is made of solid steel.

    This safe is equipped with the UL Listed NL UR-2020 High Security Electronic Lock, which is one of the most reliable locks in the safe industry and is assembled and tested in the USA. The lock is protected by a 1/4" thick steel hard plate and an internal re-locker that will not only protect the lock from a drill attack, but the re-locker will secure the bolts shut if a punch attack is attempted.

    The DS1614 comes in a textured black finish with a chrome wheel turn handle. The interior comes with a strip of carpeted material. All Stealth Drop Safes come with bolt down holes to secure the safe down to the floor or other surface. This is essential for the smaller drop safes – to ensure a thief doesn’t just pickup your safe and runaway with the contents. The DS1614 comes with 2 pre-drilled bolt down holes and mounting hardware is included.

    Stealth Safes adds a 1 year parts and labor warranty to the DS1614 Depository Drop Safe.

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