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Velcro Double Magazine Pouch

Model: Double Magazine Pouch

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+Product Overview

Store 2 magazines in this spandex double pouch. The material stretches to fit most pistol magazines. The entire back has velcro to easily attach the pouch to the inside of your safes carpeted door or another place with carpeted material.

+Specs & Features
  • 4”L x 5”W
  • Each Pocket is 2 ¼”W
  • Full Velcro Back
  • Securely Holds 2 Magazines
  • Double Padding, Double Stitching
  • Stretches to Fit Most Magazines
  • Lifetime Warranty

Shelving & Storage

Complete customization ability with sticking this pouch to most carpet materials to keep your magazines organized and close to your handguns

Full Description

Have you ever put your handgun or pistol in a velcro pistol holster to attach to the wall of your Gun Safe?

Have you noticed that it takes the handgun off the shelf, but leaves you absolutely nowhere to put the magazines? Most people just throw their magazines on the shelves leaving them cluttered, unorganized and susceptible to banging into each other causing scratches and numerous other cosmetic defects. What if you could put your gun's magazines right next to the gun? No more clutter, no more banged up mags, just a clean, organized and efficient safe.

With a back full of velcro, you'll never have to worry about your mags falling of the carpeting you stick it to, and with the front full of spandex, you'll have no problem fitting your mags into it. Double Padding and Double Stitching mean this thing is built to last forever which is why Stealth backs it up with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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