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Top Vault Quick-Access Biometric Pistol Safe

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+Product Overview

The Stealth Top Vault Biometric pistol safe offers quick reliable access to the contents of your safe with a scan of a fingerprint. Perfect in a home defense scenario the safe allows for fast retrieval of a handgun stored safely inside, while being small enough to conveniently fit on a nightstand or in a drawer.

External Dimensions 3 ¾"H x 8 ½"W x 12 ¾"D
Internal Dimensions 3 ¼"H x 8 ¼"W x 9 ¾"D
Weight 10 lbs
+Security Features
  • 12 Gauge Steel Body
  • 14 Gauge Folded Steel Door
  • 3-Way Access System
    • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
    • 6-Digit Electronic Keypad
    • Mechanical Backup Override Keys
  • High Strength Locking Latch
  • Protective Steel Lock Shield
  • Anti-Pry Tabs
  • Internal Hinge
  • Optional Silent Mode
  • Security Cable Included
+Extra Features
  • Quick-Access Shock-Assisted Pop-Up Door
  • White Interior Light
  • Thick Foam Interior Padding
  • Power Port & Battery Compartment
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Three Ways to Access

3-Way Access System

You can use three different entry methods for this safe:


✓ Quick-Access
✓ Stores up to 31 Different Fingerprints
✓ Silent Mode Option


✓ 4 Blue Illuminating Push Buttons
✓ 6-Digit Code
✓ Silent Mode Option


✓ 2 High-Security Laser-Cut Keys Included
✓ Mechanical Entry Method

Biometric Scanner
Store up to 31 Different Fingerprints for Quick-Access
Electronic Keypad
4 Blue-Illuminating Push Buttons with 6-Digit Code
Two Backup Keys
Laser-Cut Backup Override Keys for Mechanical Entry Method

Steel Construction

Steel Door & Body

The body of this safe is constructed with Heavy 12 Gauge Solid Steel, which is similar to a lot of popular gun safes. The door is built robust with 14 Gauge Steel, which adds significant pry protection. 

✓ 12 Gauge Steel Body

✓ 14 Gauge Steel Folded Door

✓ High Strength Locking Latch

✓ Anti-Pry Tabs

✓ Internal Steel Hinge

✓ Security Cable Included

Handgun Storage

Fits up to 2 Pistols

The interior of this Handgun Safe fits your favorite Two Pistols. The Foam Padding inside protects your firearms and other valuables against damages or scratches.

Additional Features

Interior White Light
See the Contents of your Safe in the Dark
Gas Piston Door-Assist
Helps Spring Door Open for Quick Access
4 Bolt Down Holes
Secure Safe Down to Fixed Surface
Security Cable Included
For Securing Safe Around a Fixed Object

Adding Power

You can either add power to the safe using the included power cable and plugging it into the power port on the side of the safe or by inserting a 9-Volt (Duracell Coppertop) Battery. Note: both power methods can be added to the safe at the same time.

Where to Purchase

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Full Product Description

Need a quick access, top opening pistol safe that opens with the touch of your fingerprint perfect for the nightstand or a drawer?

Say hello to the NEW Stealth Top Vault, the top-opening, quick-access biometric stealth pistol safe that pops open after a quick scan of your finger. Its pop-up door allows for incredibly fast retrieval of your handgun in a home defense scenario making it perfect for your nightstand or drawer.

New and Improved, the Stealth Top Vault features no exposed holes, a new protective cover over the biometric scanner button, an internal protective anti-tamper mechanism, a high security pick-proof laser-cut key override, thicker foam padding and a high-strength security cable included. The Stealth Top Vault Safe features a new protective steel lock shield which will prevent any lock tampering.

The all-new locking system features a biometric fingerprint scanner, quick access Electronic Keypad & Lock Shield with choice of a 6 digit combination that illuminates with a blue light after the first button is activated, and 2 backup override keys. With audible feedback, you'll know the button has been pushed and after the correct finger is scanned or combination is completed, the shock-assisted door pops open to present your pistols. An optional stealth mode allows for zero audible feedback on the keypad and scanner making it totally silent.

The Stealth Top Vault TV1 is built of heavy 12 gauge steel construction in the body and 14 gauge steel in the door making it very robust for its size. A 16-gauge steel plate behind the keypad reinforces the push buttons and gives added security to the locking mechanism. The door is built with a folded steel edge that prevents access to the change combination button through prying and also features an internal hinge that runs a steel rod through the door which is screwed in place through the inside of the safe adding considerable strength. Finally, the anti-impact latch hooks into the safe’s body and offers maximum pry resistance. The safe also now comes with a high strength security cable so no one can steal the safe itself. On the bottom of the safe are 4 placements for securing the safe to a fixed surface.

After the door pops open, the white interior light activates making it easy to see your handguns even in the dark. The top and bottom of the safe’s interior is lined with high quality foam that is perfect for storing and protecting up to two handguns. With its large internal height, you can store any type of pistol including full-size, compact, sub-compact and revolvers.

The Stealth Top Vault runs off of a 9 Volt battery or you can leave the safe plugged in for faster access via the included power port.

On the bottom of the safe are 4 placements for securing the safe to a fixed surface.

Stealth believes in and stands behind the Top Vault by offering a 1 year parts and labor warranty.