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    ShadowVault Heavy Duty Pistol Safe SV1

     In Stock, Ships Same Business Day

    +Product Overview

    The Stealth ShadowVault eliminates all common handgun safe weaknesses by providing the strength, quality, reliability, and security features of a UL RSC Burglary Rated Gun Safe in the size of a pistol safe. With 300% thicker steel than the industry standard pistol safe and a UL listed electronic lock nothing can compare.

    External Dimensions 4 ¼"H x 12 9/16"W x 10 ¼"D
    Total Height 5 ¾” High including Keypad
    Total Depth 11 ½” Deep with Handle Extended
    Internal Dimensions 3"H x 10 ½"W x 9"D
    Weight 23.2 lbs
    +Security Features
    • 300% Thicker Steel Door than Industry Average
      • 3/16” (7 gauge) Solid Steel Wrap-Around Door
      • Industry Average for Pistol Safe is 1/16” Thick (16 gauge)
    • Door Overlaps Body by 1 ¼”
      • Providing Maximum Drill Protection
    • 233% Thicker Steel Body than Industry Average
      • 10 Gauge (9/64”) Solid Steel Body
      • Industry Average Pistol Safe is 1/16” Thick (16 gauge)
    • High Security Electronic Lock – S&G Spartan Direct Drive
      • UL Listed Type 1 Electronic Lock
      • 6 Digit Programmable Code – Nearly 1 Million Possible Combinations
      • 1,000 times More Possible Combinations than Simplex Lock
      • Uses 9 Volt Battery – Accessible from the Outside of Safe
      • Silent Mode Disables Beeping for Stealth Access
    • Hard Plate In-Between the Lock & Door
      • Increases Drill Time by 200%
    • Hard Plate In-Between the Body & Lock Latch
      • Increases Drill Time by 200%
    • Punch Resistant Steel Housing Encasing Lock
    • Two 3/8” Steel Hooks Lock Under the Hinges
    • Two Steel Dead-bars bolted Together
    • Welded Continuous Hinge
    • Bolt Down Holes & Hardware
    +Extra Features
    • Extremely Durable Armored Black Paint
    • Matte Black Carry Handle
    • Protective High Density Foam Interior
      • 2 Layers of Foam on Interior Bottom & Foam on Interior Top
      • Egg Crate & Pluck Foam Bottom Layers
    • Shock Piston Assisted Door
    • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    High Security Lock

    UL Listed Electronic Lock

    This UL Listed D-Drive Electronic Lock by Sargent & Greenleaf is extremely well protected and unlike any other handgun safe on the market.


    ✓ UL Listed Electronic Device

    ✓ Customizable 6-Digit Code

    ✓ External Battery Compartment

    ✓ Low Battery Indicator

    ✓ Combination Memory (code stays set even if battery is changed)

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    Full Description

    Handgun Security has Evolved with the Innovative and Heavy Duty Stealth ShadowVault SV1 Pistol Safe

    Nearly all handgun safes on the market have the same common weaknesses such as thin steel, weak lock mechanism, limited combinations and susceptibility to punch and cutting attacks. The Stealth ShadowVault SV1 addresses all of these weaknesses by taking the strength, quality and security features of a UL RSC Burglary Rated Gun Safe and building it into the size of a pistol safe.

    This is the most secure pistol safe that has ever been made with a 3/16” thick solid steel door that folds over the 10 gauge solid steel body by 1-1/4”. The safe features two 3/8” steel hooks that lock under the double steel dead-bars bolted together reinforcing the piano hinge. This makes the ShadowVault impervious to cutting attacks where if a thief took an angle grinder and completely cut through the hinge, they would still not gain entry.

    Built from the same platform as the Stealth Original Handgun Safe, this ShadowVault SV1 far exceeds its Simplex Lock predecessor by using the S&G Spartan Direct Drive Deadbolt Lock, a UL Approved High Security Electronic Lock that also holds certifications from VdS, ECB-S and EN. The lock is encased in a steel housing and protected by a drill resistant hard plate to prevent drill and punch attacks, the fatal weakness of the Simplex style safes. With nearly one million possible combinations you can customize the 6 digit code to your preference and disable the beeping to activate stealth entry mode. When you close the door, you simply twist the keypad to extend the dead-bolt functioning like a door deadbolt latch operating. The lock's deadbolt secures into a steel housing on the body side also protected by a drill resistant hard plate.

    After putting in the correct combination, simply twist the keypad to retract the dead-bolt and as you lift up the door, the shock piston kicks into effect assisting in lifting up the heavy door. The entire backside of the door is lined with protective high density foam and in the body is one lower layer of egg crate foam on the bottom and an upper layer of pluck foam that allows you to customize the interior to the exact size of your handgun. The Stealth ShadowVault SV1 comes with a foldable matte black carry handle perfect for transporting the safe. If you are placing the safe in a permanent home, four bolt down holes are pre-drilled in the bottom of the safe and concrete anchors are included for secure mounting. Black plastic caps are inserted into those bolt down holes for those using this in a portable scenario and the handle can also be used as a tethering hole with a high strength security cable.

    The ShadowVault series comes with a lifetime warranty against break-in and attempted break-in. Just send Stealth a copy of the police report and they will replace it for you at no charge for the life of the safe. The ShadowVault also comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty covering the lock and all components of the safe.

    If you are looking for a premier quality pistol safe with security built to the standards of a full-size UL RSC burglary rated gun safe, the Stealth ShadowVault SV1 is the safe you need.

    The Stealth ShadowVault SV1 is a CA DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device.

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