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Electrical Power Outlet Kit

Model: Electrical Outlet Kit

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+Product Overview

This Electrical Power Outlet Kit lets you add power to the inside of a safe to plug in electronics, a light kit, dehumidifier, etc. Some safes come with an outlet installed and some do not. This outlet kit comes with 2 outlet plugins and 2 USB slots. Included with the kit is the main power box, a wire connector and 6ft power cable. Installation is required.

+Specs & Features
  • Adds Power to your Safe in Minutes
  • Power Box: (2) 110V Plug-ins & 2 USB Ports
  • Power Cord Included: 6 foot Long
  • Wire Connector (Between Cord & Power Box)
  • ETL Approved
  • Installation Required
  • Works with Any Safe

What's Included

Included with the Stealth Electrical Outlet Kit is:

Power Box- 2 Plug-In's & 2 USB Slots

6 Foot Power Coble - to plug the unit into a wall outlet

Wire Connctor- to attach the power box to the 6ft cable

Full Description

Ever wish you could add power to your gun safe?

Imagine being able to charge your laptop in your safe, have a dehumidifier rod running, and a watch winder all at the same time, and locked in your safe.

This is exactly what our friends over at Stealth were thinking when they developed the Power Outlet Kit. With minor drilling required, this is the easiest and quickest way to add power to your safe. This outlet is tested and approved by ETL.

This new multi-functional outlet kit allows you to plug in electrical devices such as dehumidifiers, hard-drives, laptops, watch winders, lights, etc. The Outlet Kit includes two USB ports, along with two 110V outlets. The kit includes a 6-foot power cord and requires minimum wiring. Just flip the orange tabs up, remove one section of wires, run the cord through the hole in your safe, reconnect the wires and that's it! You've just added power to your Gun Safe or Home Safe.

Please Note: Velcro, Electrical Tape and Fire Caulk Not Included.

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